Sunday, April 8, 2012


Some of you may have stumbled across Paganism or specific types such as Druid or Shaman, that has "Neo-" thrown in front.
What does this mean? It's really quite simple for all the confusion it has caused before.
Put simpley, it means "new age", as in, resurected in the modern world.
If we're being exact, then "Pagan's" technically no longer exist, as it was a pre-christian religion and was lost and there is no longer any way to replicate it to the last detail - as well as the fact that much of it either is no longer applicable to todays world or has been ruled to be irrational. Therefore, anyone still practicing what is known of the religions are called "Neo Pagan's" (or Neo Druids, etc.) to say it is the form that exists in todays day and age.
Very many people do not bother adding the "Neo", so it is common belief that "Paganism" and "Neo-Paganism" are different, where in fact they aren't. I myself do not bother adding it, because anyone who I mention it to will already know if it matters at all - mentioning it to "out-siders" does not matter anyway, because very many of them have little to no understanding of it at all and most of the time do not even care; as for "insiders", there is no point in making the distinction because, unless they're just starting on this path, they will already know.

I would also like to add into this post the reason why you won't see "Neo-Wiccan" floating around anywhere.
Wicca is a form of Paganism that rose AFTER Christianity and is in fact a recent edition to the Pagan umbrella. Therefore, it is in it's origional form and there is no resurection, and therefore does not require "Neo".

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