Friday, April 6, 2012

Merry Meet, Hail and Well Met - Blessed Be, Merry Part

Hail and Well Met (I respect you, and am glad to meet/see you)
Merry Meet (Great/Happy to see you)
These are ways of greeting - I'll admit, they seem to an outsider like something from a hippy's or nutter's mouth. However, amoung covens, wiccans, and many pagans, these are normal and respectful.

Now, with that out of the way, let me be the first (duh) to welcome you to my first post!
The world of pagans has been, shall we say, severely compromised and skewed since the rise of Christians oh so many years ago (I am not placing blame, merely noting the cause for such misunderstanding), and today the common opinion amoung 'outsiders' (non-pagans) seems to be that we are either witch-craft practitioners, Cults, devil-worshippers, or nutters...
Now, perhaps some are, but very many aren't, and it is highly unfair and insulting when people assume and attack us with such beleifs.
My aim here is to bring light on the truths of my, and many other peoples, actual beleifs and what it really means to be pagan.

If you're here to call me delusional, evil, insane, or other such names, I bid you farewell now as I have no interest in your opinions and your comments will merely be deleted. Don't waste you time.

As for farewells, the traditional way amoung us is this:
Blessed Be (I wish you well, or good fortune)
Merry ye Meet and Merry ye Part, and Merry ye Meet again! (I was happy to meet/see you, may you depart well, and I hope to see you again!)


  1. I like your blog! Merry Meet!

  2. Hail and Well Met!
    I have been a Wiccan of the solitary persuasion since 1984 although even as a young child I felt that I was something other than Christian but I didn't understand the concept that was forming in my mind since our family did not practice a religion. I just found your site and look forward to reading more. Thank you. PS Please forgive any errors, I'm not great on the computer.

  3. Merry Meet,
    Just found your blog 10 mins ago and already love it.
    I'll be reading it thru the night, hope to see more added to it.
    Blessed Be


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