Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life After Death

Most, if not all, Pagan religions believe in life-after-death; however, different forms have differing ideas of what exactly happens when we die.

Let me start at the beginning:
For any sort of life after death, we obviously need to have a spirit that can continue after our physical bodies are gone. This is a common belief in paganism, as it's basis in itself is about spirits.

But, of course, there is the endless question: what happens next?
Reincarnation is the most common answer; this is where your spirit is then reborn into a new child - though not neccessarily human, depending on the belief. In some cases, this is so one can become complete, which is achieved after 9 (or some other amount of) reincarnations, learning different lessons in each lifetime. Some beleive that once this is done, one becomes a diety or rests in another world. Then again, others think this reincarnation process to go on forever.
Other Pagan religions say your soul returns to the Great Mother, from whence it came, and you become a part of the earth and all living things; this could mean that a soul (so, that would be you) is simpley a peice of the Goddess that has parted temporarily to become you in order to... "improve" the Great Mother, to maintain "status" as an almighty being.
There are of course, also those who believe spirits roam the earth as ghosts; sometimes this is because they have unfinished business or because in life they were evil and therefore cursed to roam forever, unable to move on to the next life, etc. etc.
Another beleif is that there is a place where all souls gather - such as a mountain; an example of this in history is the Greek's Underworld, which was three sections: one for those who were very good, one for those who were average, and one for those who were evil, but still all in the same place inside the earth.
Then again, it is also still possible to be Pagan yet beleive that there is no life after death, and that your body rots in the ground and that is the end of your journey.

My personal belief, though I'm not sure which religion it comes from (though I know it is from somewhere) is this:
Spirits 'return to the earth/goddess", which I imagine as a summerland / paradise, where we may rest for a length of time until we wish to return, at which point, reincarnation occurs, and that it is only in spirit form that one remembers all their past lives.

What do you believe? Opinions on my belief?

Blessed Be.

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